Interoperability Plenary

Interoperability Plenary (IOP) Objectives

  • As an intergovernmental and international activity, address joint space communications and navigation.
  • To broaden the cross support, compatibility, and interoperability agreement reached at IOP-1, particularly in regard to missions to the Moon and Mars.

IOP Goal

To reach multi-agency agreement on the need for interoperable space communications and navigation architectures.

Accordingly, member agencies would provide space communications and navigation resources for interoperable cross support to member agency spaceflight missions, including human, near Earth, Lunar, and deep space missions, as mutually agreed.

Interoperability Plenary Meeting

DLR hosted IOP-4 on 18-20 December, 2018 in Munich, Germany.

CNES hosted IOP-3 on 25-26 June, 2013 in Toulouse, France.

NASA hosted IOP-2 on 8-10 December, 2008 in Geneva, Switzerland.

ESA hosted IOP-1 meeting in June 1999 in Paris, France.