Interoperability Plenary
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Executive Summary

The Interoperability Plenary Meeting was held at ESA Headquarters on 21-22 June 1999. During the 1 1/2 day meeting, representatives from seven international space agencies met to discuss and agree on the need for increased interoperability and the method for its implementation. Prior to the Plenary meeting, a survey and individual discussions had determined that the focus should be ground system interoperability.

The Agenda provided an opportunity for each agency to report:

  • Past interoperability mission experience - both positive and negative.
  • The need for interoperability in the context of that agency's future missions.
  • The specific assets of the agency to be made interoperable.
  • Current status and plans to implement interoperable standards.

Early in these summary presentations, it became apparent that this group's common goal was to establish ground system interoperability with other agencies at the earliest feasible time. The remainder of the time was spent in determining how best to achieve that goal.